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Starting from September 20, , the built-in YouTube video editor became unavailable. So the search query for the best free video editor for YouTube has become very popular both among the newbies and more expert vloggers alike. While putting this list together, I looked at all the tools you might need to create more interesting YouTube content.

This is one of the free video editors for YouTube that is perfect for vloggers for many reasons. You can add voice directly to the chart, batch import videos, create macros and publish videos in p quality, using your Mac for video editing.

The user interface is quite convenient and has a wide selection of visual effects, transitions and amazing trimming tools. All of these will guarantee that every video you upload to your. YouTube channel is going to be a small masterpiece. Other features of Lightworks that I can’t help mentioning are the drag-and-drop one, fit-to-fill and full-screen modes, layouts that you can customize, very precise trimming that is controlled by the keyboard, etc.

Most of these are included in the free version. However, the 4K video support for YouTube and Vimeo is available only if you purchase the software. Blender is more than just a cross-platform video editing software. The number of features it has is quite impressive. There is a preview mode, brightness signal display, a color vectorscope, histograms, audio and video effects, adjustment layers, transitions and even masking, which is not commonly found in free video editors.

Sound mixing and waveform rendering give you a lot of creative freedom. The timeline allows you to add an unlimited number of video, audio and other graphic files into your projects. All this makes Blender a very flexible photo video maker great for both beginners and more experienced users.

Video editing resources are minimal. It has a lot of powerful tools and a rather steep learning curve. Resolve provides a rather simple UI that includes four high-level modules for video editing, color correction, sound reproduction, video effects and motion graphics. It also has audio plugins and features, adjustable page title templates, search table browser, Davinci Resolve LUTs and common color nodes. Besides that, when using DaVinci Resolve, you will be able to create photorealistic visual 2D and 3D effects, animations and headers.

Finally, Resolve provides you with 16 features for SEO. For example, you will be able to assign keywords and tags for easy sorting, which can be done both automatically and manually.

VideoPad is one of the best tools for YouTube video editing. This program can add unlimited video editing tracks, giving you the versatility you need to create complex projects. It also provides such tools as the Chroma key for drawing various effects , a video stabilizer, and closed captions for the hearing impaired. Besides the built-in transition effects you can insert between clips and images, you can also combine several filters to create your own effects and decide how long the transitions should last.

Get this video editor free for YouTube production and share your creativity with everyone. If you are a newbie in YouTube video editing and work on macOS devices exclusively, you can try iMovie.

Follow Clipchamp to find a good YouTube camera at an affordable price if you’re just beginning your blogging career. Apple iMovie is a free editor for YouTube that has several great tools for organizing multimedia, gradation of color, speed, green-screen effects, narration and sound in your digital films. In fact, iMovie is connected with iTunes and GarageBand, which means that you will be able to add background music. There are controls for the equalizer, hum suppression, voice amplification, noise reduction, as well as low and high-frequency suppression.

As for the cons, iMovie does not offer multi-camera mode, customizable transitions and motion tracking options. Shotcut proves that YouTube editors free to download and use can also be excellent tools.

It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and is absolutely free with no adds or embedded adware. Moreover, no features come with hidden paid access. At first glance, the UI may seem bare. But in reality, the tool is quite powerful and all of the video and audio filters are fully customizable. The best part is that you can add something or edit your changes at any time since Shotcut offers non-linear video editing.

You can create several tracks for audio, video and convenient tools like Snap that allows you to easily and accurately join clips. Shotcut also has a recording feature for the users to save and edit webcam footage. VSDC Free Video Editor is a convenient non-linear video editor for Windows that allows you to edit and crop videos professionally, as well as record them directly from a webcam. Therefore, this program is perfect for YouTube vloggers who produce video guides. The interface is simple and easy-to-use.

The tool provides options for applying Instagram-like filters, voiceovers, captions, shapes and other impressive visual and sound effects. This free editor for YouTube allows you to select individual photos or video objects with the help of a mask and change their color. A video stabilizing tool is also worth mentioning. It allows you to remove shaking frames and creates smoother ones, which is especially relevant for vloggers.

This cross-platform YouTube free editing software provides a good balance between advanced features and a simple interface. Openshot contains an unlimited number of layers and sound mixing, an impressive number of transitions, 14 movable effects, as well as a host of customizable hotkeys for quick access.

You can switch between a simple and advanced interface or customize it manually, according to your needs. Headings are added through a floating window.

You select the one you want to use from the list, enter your text in the necessary fields, change the font and color to your liking. The advanced timeline of the program allows you to pan, scroll, zoom, snap and perform simple drag-and-drop.

You can preview your clip by right-clicking on it and selecting Preview, although you cannot set entry and exit points. Windows Movie Maker has never been a powerful Hollywood movie editing software, but its functionality may be more than enough for beginner YouTubers. You can crop or split clips using the insertion point in combination with the edit buttons. One of the things that I really like when working with Movie Maker is that most effects, transitions and themes are automatically viewed when you simply hover over their buttons.

This video editor free for YouTube is surprisingly powerful at adding captions to digital movies. You can select any font in your system, move the text box to any place on the screen, and even choose from 24 animations so that the text flies, sways or rotates. You can also shift or enlarge the image. Avidemux is a free video editing software YouTube content creators are going to love for its simplicity, even those who have never produced their own YouTube content before.

It can perform such basic video editing tasks as filtering, cutting and encoding. Using this free video cropping software , you can filter your videos before converting them with cropping, resizing, color profiling tools and more. Although this is not immediately obvious, you can also select audio tracks up to four , configure each of them and remix them for different speaker settings.

There is a good selection of filters found in the Avidemux Video menu. But these are all practical tools, such as noise reduction and deinterlacing, rather than the stylish retro or pop art effects you’ll see in other video editors. Avidemux only supports one stream. You cannot overlay or merge tracks, as with some of the more advanced paid video editors.

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A warning, however: Shotcut was originally designed for Linux, so some may find the interface a little quirky. Shotcut also provides extensive audio editing options, making it ideal for audiophiles. Its host of fine-tuning audio tools allows users to make bass and treble adjustments, create bandpass filters, adjust gain, add dynamic compression, and much more.

Windows Video Editor is more a photo editor, but offers the basic editing tools like cropping, trimming, and including text or audio. Included with Windows 10 and up, Video Editor is completely free and is good for basic video enhancement. Vimeo Create , a free editing software you can connect directly to your Shopify store, automatically turns your existing product images and text into polished ecommerce videos.

No video experience needed. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your product, add your footage and logo, and choose style customizations. Vimeo Create then automatically edits your video in minutes though you can also choose your own styles or start from scratch.

The AI software even suggests colors, themes, music, and fonts. Vimeo is a popular video software solution with over million users.

Because Vimeo is an all-in-one solution, you can also manage, host, and distribute all your videos from one place, streamlining your workflow. This free subscription model optional yet powerful video editing app is perfect for mobile devices. With KineMaster, you can easily shoot footage, edit it, and upload it all from your phone or tablet. Mobile editors usually sacrifice advanced tools to simplify video creation, but KineMaster does the opposite. With KineMaster, you can cut, splice, crop, and combine videos easily, with more than 2, downloadable transitions and effects.

Use color filters and adjustments to correct and enhance videos so they stand out. Movie Maker Online is the best browser-based video editor to date. It also has a minute maximum duration, which should be sufficient for the standard free user. The interface also has some quirks. The video and audio timelines are positioned vertically, instead of horizontally like traditional video editors.

Movie Maker Online gives you all the basics you need to make a video for free. You also get access to free music, videos, and photos, which is a nice bonus. The biggest advantage of free video editing software for desktops is that they tend to have more features than most mobile video editing apps.

Now that you know your options in finding the best free video editing software, you can start testing them out. It allows you to download and convert in one step and offers a ton of conversion options. That said, conversions can be slow. One issue with aTube Catcher is it installs multiple programs on your device.

Even if you decline, it will still install Music Search MP3, a music downloader. You have around a dozen options for the interface language, including French, Italian, and Turkish. You can contact the team via a web form if needed. Any Video Converter AVC is primarily a video converter software but it comes with a downloader built-in. It has a free and premium version both including a downloader , with each requiring a separate install.

Aside from downloading, the free version enables you to perform basic edits, convert between video and audio formats, burn video to DVD, and play videos and DVDs with a built-in player. Both handle up to 4K resolution but the Ultimate version is much faster for downloading and converting.

Apps are available in more than a dozen languages, including French, Polish, Korean, and Thai. AVC offers lots of how-to articles and video tutorials and you can email support if you need additional help. The company extends a day refund policy. Generally, Windows 10 video downloaders are built for Windows operating systems, and not all will work on macOS devices. It is perfectly safe to use a free video downloader for Windows However, some free providers bundle additional software bloatware like AVG free in exchange for using their product for free.

Premium video downloaders are typically the better choice as they remove annoying ads, include other valuable tools, and do not usually install bloatware. Most video downloaders have little to no impact on system resources, with the exception of some free apps that slow down your computer to try and entice you into purchasing their premium product.

As with other downloaders, it may not be compatible with every site. You can search for. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Menu Close. Utilities Best Video Downloaders for Windows. We are funded by our readers and may receive a commission when you buy using links on our site. Looking for an easy-to-use high-performance software for downloading videos on your Windows?

We reveal the best video downloaders for Windows Downloads up to 8K from tons of sites and includes an editor, converter, and recorder. Plans include a day money-back guarantee. ByClick Downloader : A well-priced software that enables batch downloading plus conversion within a modern interface.

Freemake Video Downloader : Easy-to-use app that allows for batch downloading. Any Video Converter : Comes with an editor and converter and boasts lots of format options. Here are the main criteria we considered when selecting the best video downloaders for Windows: Solid performance Compatibility with multiple sites Ease of use Features like batch downloading and conversions Value for money Best video downloaders for Windows 10 Here is our list of the best video downloaders for Windows 1.

Pros: Beginner-friendly Supports tons of streaming sites and video formats Includes a full editor, converter, and recorder Inexpensive for what you get Good support. Cons: May be more than some users need.

Pros: Ideal for frequent downloading Easy to use Decent free version More than a dozen languages available. Cons: May be less useful for sites other than YouTube. Pros: Download from a ton of sites Built-in recorder and converter Support all popular formats Easy to use.

For example, the first entry on our list, DaVinci Resolve, is the best free video editing software for professional work. That’s because its packed with sophisticated features such as colour grading and smart video stabilisation, which makes it suitable for high-end content, including full-blown TV and movies.

That also, however, makes it pretty complex to use. So it’s not the best choice for amateurs, hobbyists or semi-pro video editors such as graphic designers or marketing folk who do a bit of video editing as part of their work. For those purposes, you’ll want tools with interfaces that are easier to use, so check out entries on our list. Plus of course, you’ll want software that works on your chosen device; for that reason, we’ve included tools for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android below.

Finally, be aware that free software always comes with some limitations. For example, your video may be imprinted with watermarks and the range of export formats may be limited.

If you want to avoid such restrictions, one alternative to take out a free trial for full, paid-for software. If so, check out the three quick links below, or our guide to the best paid-for video editing software.

To compile this article, we’ve drawn on our personal experience with a range of video editing software, on Windows and Mac computers, as well as the best video editing apps for Android, iOS and Chromebooks.

Along with using this software in our day-to-day jobs, and getting feedback from fellow creatives on how useful they find them, we’ve also formally reviewed the majority of tools on this list. This has involved several hours of editing our own projects, to check how the different software compares in terms of ease of use, speed and reponsiveness, the power of adjustment, blending and transition features, and video and audio effects.

We’ve included links to these full reviews below. And to find out more about our reviewing process, read our article on how we test software. Want to learn the ropes and see if video editing is for you? Then the best way for you to get free video editing software is through a free trial. This will give you access to fully featured software at zero cost, albeit for a limited time. Premiere Pro: the best video editing software overall opens in new tab Adobe’s video editing software works on both Windows and Mac and is the industry-standard, offering professional class features.

This free trial offer allows you to try Premiere Pro for free for seven days. It’s made by Apple, who offer a generous day free trial so you can test it out. Premiere Elements: the best video editing software for beginners opens in new tab If you’re new to video editing, Adobe Premiere Elements is the best video editing software to start with. A simplified version of Premiere Pro, it’s easy to learn. It’s also cheaper and currently has a day free trial.

The best free video editing software for professionals right now is DaVinci Resolve. Note that this is not to be confused with DaVinci Resolve Studio, which is a paid version of the same program. Despite being free, this is a feature-packed powerhouse and really gives paid tools a run for their money in terms of versatility and usefulness. In our review, we found its colour grading options to be second to none, giving us the ability to fully control the look of our videos.

That said, while that interface is quite straightforward to use for anyone with editing experience, it would be quite a challenge for beginners to learn. If that’s you, we’d suggest instead looking at entries on our list. To learn more, see our full DaVinci Resolve review. Another good choice for professional video editors is Hitfilm Express, which we’d describe as the Swiss Army knife of free video editing software.

We’d especially recommend this tool if you’re producing feature films, music videos with 3D effects or YouTube videos it offers direct uploading.

That’s because has a lot of features you’d expect to find only in expensive paid-for software such as Premiere Pro, such as degree editing, 3D compositing, and hundreds of special effects. When we reviewed Hitfilm Express, we found that it replicated the kind of workflows you’d usually only find in paid-for programs. For instance, if you import files from multiple folders, there are many different ways to group your clips; and we love how you can trim and render clips inside the media panel before dragging them onto the timeline.

We also found creating text in Hitfilm Express to be even more straightforward than in most paid editors! The only potential issue we identified in our review is that Hitfilm Express weighs heavily on system resources, so it won’t work well on a low-powered laptop, for example.

Also, like DaVinci Resolve number one on our list , it’s far too complicated for total beginners to pick up easily. If you’re not a newbie, though, the free version of Hitfilm Express has everything you need to make a pro-quality production. Choosing between Hitfilm Express and DaVinci Resolve is tricky, because they both have a lot to offer professional video editors.

Otherwise, Hitfilm Express is a good choice if you’re familiar with Premiere Pro as the interface is pretty similar. Ultimately, though, they’re both free, so we’d urge pro video editors to try both, and see which one you take to.

For more details, see our Hitfilm Express review. Most free video editing software is created, ultimately, to tempt you into buying a paid version. The exception is open-source software. Here, you’re getting the full product for free, and there’s a volunteer army of developers constantly working to improve it, at no cost to you. One of the best examples is OpenShot. When we reviewed it, we found its minimalist drag-and-drop layer-based interface very easy to use, making it our top choice for beginners overall.

We especially loved how you can stack an unlimited number of layers in your video, be they soundtracks, overlapping videos, or custom images. We appreciated the handy range of customisable title-card templates, too. All the usual options to adjust and enhance your video, including crop, trim, rotate, and resize, worked well for us in practice. We also had success in adjusting elements like brightness, contrast, colour grading, and gamma.

And as OpenShot is open-source, there are none of the frustrating ads, watermarks, or promotions for paid upgrades that you find in most free video editing software. We did run into a few issues during the course of our review, though.

Or when they did, they took a long time to apply, making the editing process frustrating. These things are common with open software of all kinds, but they are worth noting. Ultimately, though, for free video editing software, Openshot is a great choice for beginners wish to avoid watermarks and ads.

See our full OpenShot review for more. That’s because it’s specifically designed for people whose computers don’t have all the newest internals and specs, so you won’t find it crashing and freezing all the time. Note, though, there’s no Mac version.

When we reviewed VSDC, we appreciated the flexible import and export options and found it particularly good for adding text, lines, charts and other special effects to a presentation. We were surprised to see that the free version has almost all the features of the Pro version, and there are no watermarks added. VSDC is, in short, a great desktop tool for beginners. OpenShot above is another good choice in this respect, and has more features, but we found VSDC to be less laggy, and it still covers the basics well.

VSDC allows you, for instance, to apply Instagram-style filters, special effects like colour correction and blurring, and a mask tool for applying effects to part of a video. Read our VSDC review to learn more. Working across Mac, Windows and Linux, the open source program Shotcut is another top choice for beginners. It supports a huge range of formats, offers a great array of filters and special effects and can handle up to 4K.