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How to run a TCP Traceroute

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You can test this by running “command -v tcptraceroute” or executing the command listed in the process. Download the latest version of tracetcp here.


How to run a TCP Traceroute.How To Run Tracetcp In Windows and Linux –


You MUST install the winpcap library for this version to work. Previous versions of tracetcp used raw sockets but Microsoft took out support for Raw TCP sockets in XP SP2, and as tracetcp uses this feature it caused it to stop working. There is an article about this here that may be of interest here. In order to allow the program to function with XP sp2 it now uses the winpcap library to send and receive packets.

The downside of using this is that the program will not function over dial-up connections. You must be logged on to the System as a user that has administrator rights to use tracetcp.

Download the latest version of tracetcp here. You MUST install the winpcap library first. Just unzip the downloaded file and copy tracetcp. Home View On GitHub. Revision History version 1. Resend ping with large ttl to see if its really closed.

Fixed bug in anti-flood timeout code. Added -F option to disable the anti-flood timer. Added port range option -r to allow port scanning Separated Tracing code and results display so that different display formats can be supported. Added Condensed output mode -c Added pings per hop option -p Fixed a few Problems with the way packets were built Visual Studio project files now included in source archive version 0.